Careers at NXP

Career Development

Our people are the heart and soul of our business. Their talent enables NXP to continue providing Secure Connections for a Smarter World. Helping every employee to be the best that they can be is a core part of our philosophy. This means creating the right environment for individuals to flourish, with ample opportunities for career development.

Opportunities for Personal Growth

NXP fosters a culture that appreciates employees who take initiative. We offer various avenues for career progression. Our Career Ladder helps employees progress equally within their specialty—following the path to Technology Expert, becoming a master in Project Management, or taking the more traditional Line Management route to lead people, functions and businesses.

Supporting Personal Growth

Gaining experience is the bedrock for personal growth. We also believe that each individual should take responsibility for their own development, so you will not find a rigid structure with lists of courses that must be attended. Instead, we favor a much more flexible approach to career development.

  • Technical/Functional development is grounded in on-the-job learning. Applied knowhow is important and we rely heavily on our internal experts, plus tools and systems training. We also encourage and support memberships in relevant professional organizations.
  • Skill & Knowledge acquisition comes from tapping background resources. You’ll discover a vast array of these in our global online offering known as ‘Skillport’. Available to all employees, Skillport includes books, videos, handouts and full-blown e-learning courses over a wide range of subjects.
  • Talent Development Programs are available for employees who demonstrate growth potential and who need an injection of personal reflection while broadening their experience.
  • Leadership Development includes e-learning, such as the “NXP Leadership Advantage” program (another asset within Skillport). We also run a range of internal leadership programs covering everything from first transition to executive level leadership.
  • Discovery Labs offer a haven for disruptive innovation, where the company’s best minds collaborate on high-risk, high-reward ideas that offer the potential to dramatically improve existing technologies and change the face of our industry. All employees are encouraged to submit ideas. If accepted, that employee will be reassigned to the Discovery Lab to work full-time on proving their concept.