NXP GreenChip Solutions

Our innovative GreenChip power portfolio is aimed at enabling smarter, more compact and extremely energy efficient power solutions. NXP GreenChip solutions can be found in everything from highly efficient power supplies to smart fast-charging adapters and secure wireless charging pads.

Our latest GreenChip digital LLC platform (TEA1916/TEA1995 combination) helps you significantly reduce the design complexity of high-efficiency resonant power supplies while meeting ever tougher requirements and regulations. Offering a high level of digital integration and control, they utilize a new LLC platform that delivers a significant advance over previous topologies resulting in high efficiency over the complete load range.


  • Highly efficient – extremely low standby power
  • Our products are designed to meet and exceed the requirements of various energy standards, including:
    • Energy star
    • EuP lot6
    • US Department of Energy (DoE) requirements
    • European Code of Conduct (CoC) requirements

GreenChip Products

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