NXP in Canada

NXP in Canada today consists of sales, applications support, marketing, business management/support, IT Support , Design and Software development.

The NXP Ottawa Technology Center designs IP for dataplane processing for NXP networking processors based on the QorIQ and Layerscape Architectures. This leading edge development team focuses on acceleration engines for content processing to improve performance in complex networks that exist around the world.

We also have sales and applications teams that serve our customers in Western Canada, the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, Quebec and the Maritimes.

Customers and Partners

The key to NXP’s success over the years has been a legacy of strong customer and partner intimacy. QNX is a partner of NXP’s in the area of operating systems for our processors. We are very proud to serve a broad array of customers from networking to automotive to consumer and industrial.

History of NXP Semiconductors Canada Ltd

NXP in Canada was one of the first international locations for Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector (SPS). Established in 1965, the facility housed sales, customer service, order entry, and a warehouse. Canada was one of the first non-US locations of SPS to have a warehouse that served local customers. SPS in Canada was also the beta site for SPS's WACCIMS order processing systems.

Expansion continued in Canada throughout the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's by opening offices in Montreal and Ottawa in 1966, Vancouver in 1977, Winnipeg in 1982 and Calgary in 1990.

SPS in Canada continued to innovate throughout those years by deploying one of the first Field Application Engineers and technical training organizations in the Americas. From a technology perspective we opened our ASIC design center in 1988. By partnering with our customers we developed many of the innovative products that were sold throughout SPS’s history. Some of those products included SOT-23 Discrete Smoke and CO Detector Components, CMOS Remote Control Devices, ISDN U&T Interfaces, Application Specific Fast Static Rams, CMOS Filter Codecs, SSOVP (Solid State Over Voltage Protection Devices), RISC 88K, Several members of the 68302, 360, 860 Netcomm portfolio and numerous custom products.

By taking advantage of the favorable R&D environment in Canada several operations in Canada developed key IP for the company. Development of key modem algorithms on our DSP56000 occurred in Canada during 1999 to 2002. Additionally software development occurs in the area of network processors. We acquired Seaway in 2005 which is now called the NXP Ottawa Technology Center.

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