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NXP has design, research and development, manufacturing and sales operations in The Netherlands. Our corporate offices are located at the Eindhoven High Tech Campus, a globally recognized hotspot of innovation. Eindhoven is home to core functions like Corporate Legal, Corporate Strategy, IT, Internal Communications, Sustainability Office, etc. Our R&D activities in Eindhoven comprise the development of IP blocks, non-volatile memories, design tools & methodologies, test & verification methodologies, as well as product design in several Business Lines. R&D Strategy, Technology Scouting, External Relations and Standardization are functions based in Eindhoven. In Nijmegen we have research, development & business, manufacturing (8 inch wafer fab), technology enablement and support functions.


  • The ICN8 fab is the largest chip manufacturing plant in Europe (500k+ wafers) and very important to us. Our strength lies in our diversity combined with high quality standards. The pressure to be ‘best in class’ is extremely high to meet our expectations and that of the automotive industry. Moreover, we are able to manufacture our products (e.g., automotive, logic devices) at market cost price. This diversity of our processes, machines, and people makes working at NXP interesting.
  • ITEC (Industrial Technology and Engineering Centre) is our in-house back-end equipment developer and supplier for die bonding, wire bonding, molding and test equipment. This is a good example of how NXP Discrete Manufacturing keeps the lowest die free package cost by upgrading installed equipment towards state of the art technology.
  • Product Diagnostic Center (PDC-NIJM) has been part of the Nijmegen family since 2002. It offers a unique combination of failure, material analysis and reliability knowledge to provide timely and accurate new product introduction (NPI) product resolution with emphasis on closing-the-loop with design, test, FE and BE processes. Our diagnostic center remains ahead of industry peers by focusing on talent development that enables engineers to go beyond the obvious and by driving high visibility and impact NPI problem solving teams. PDC-NIJM capability is supported by best-in-class tools/methods driven by NXP NTI/NPI roadmaps.
  • Global NPI Test Center (GNTC) tests technology innovation to enable capabilities beyond today’s limitations. It has high availability test capacity and capability to enable "first time right" NPI launch according to manufacturing standards.


  • Our Smart Antenna Solutions team works to ensure we have the best mobile connection at all times. The business line is at the forefront of developing RF front end solutions. Today, 50% of smart phones already use NXP mobile low-noise amplifiers (LNAs). Moving to fully integrated RF front ends will match increasing performance and cost demands, in addition to the ever shrinking available footprint. With more than 3 Billion consumers online and over 50 Billion connected devices, the demand for always-on, always-connected devices continues to grow along with the consistent need to deliver high-performance voice and data services. As an established leader in RF, BL Smart Antenna Solutions addresses all these challenges.
  • Our Automotive Radio team is the #1 automotive supplier for Car Radio's and excites customers through best-in-class RFCMOS-based radio reception performance and true Software-Defined-Radio solutions (one hardware version while supporting regional differences through software versions). We offer a scalable and complete Car Radio solution: from 'antenna to loudspeaker' for all analog terrestrial (e.g. AM/FM radio), digital terrestrial (e.g. DAB+), satellite (e.g. SXM radio) and IP broadcasts. Our products combine fully-integrated dual-antenna RF front ends with multiple DSPs and integrated application software for advanced radio as well as audio processing increasing the value for customers while lowering the system costs.
  • The NXP Automotive In-Vehicle Networking (IVN) team is the world’s undisputed leader of integrated circuits for in-vehicle networking. Virtually every car produced in the world uses one or more NXP IVN chip. Our products connect the different modules in the car through LIN, CAN, Flexray or Ethernet interfaces. Our System Basis Chips add power management functionality to these network connections. The market for in-vehicle networking is growing rapidly driven by the EE architectural evolution. Increasing performance, efficiency, integration and industrialization are changing the landscape of networks and its supply chain.
  • Our Automotive Solid State Lighting team is the center of innovation and excellence for automotive lighting specializing in medium to high power DC-DC based LED driver system solutions. Our product portfolio of Multichannel LED drivers and Matrix Switches allow major car OEMs to develop and deliver advanced lighting functionality for ADAS systems and enable their drive towards energy efficient on-road illumination. The automotive lighting market is rapidly growing as more cars adopt LED lighting and continues to be driven by form and styling factors.

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