NXP in the United Kingdom

NXP owns and operates from 7 sites across the UK covering manufacturing, design, research and development, and sales operations. The representative businesses of our activity in the UK includes IP&L, Automotive, RF Connectivity Solutions, Security & Connectivity, and MOSFETs.


Built on a 30+ year legacy from Mullards, through to Philips in the early 80’s, NXP Manchester is the global Headquarters for our Power MOSFET division. Operating an on-site silicon wafer fabrication facility, along with design, research and development, and Business Line operations. The home of over 450 NXP employees the site is one of the top suppliers of high quality power MOSFETs to the automotive industry as well as a major player in providing general purpose MOSFETs to the computing, industrial and consumer markets.


Redhill is the home of the Intellectual Property & Licensing Department for NXP Semiconductors UK. NXP's IP&L Department closely co-operates with all NXP businesses, research and development organizations and has extensive contacts with IP agents, IP offices and other governmental bodies in the various countries of the world.


Part of Automotive R&D our Southampton site is the home of research and development engineers designing ICs for keyless-entry, start-stop, and immobilizer systems for the automotive market. Located in a rural area close to Southampton, the site was constructed from a 200 year old former farm building in 2011.


Acquired through the purchase of the company Code Red Technologies in 2013, this small Cambridge site is home to a number of R&D engineers working within the LPC microcontroller division, primarily working on NXP’s LPCXpresso IDE software development toolchain.


Based in the South of Yorkshire, NXP Sheffield is home to the UK arm of NXP’s RF Connectivity Solutions. Primarily undertaking the research and development of hardware and software solutions for low-power wireless networks and Internet of Things.


Across the border into Scotland is the NXP Glasgow site, formed in 2015 and NXP’s first Security & Connectivity site in the UK. The group is part of NXP’s Crypto and Security Organisation, providing advanced cryptographic technology to support products and solutions where security is a primary requirement.


Also in Scotland, NXP Livingston is part of the Security & Connectivity Secure Identification Solutions organisation focusing on designing, building, testing and certifying secure software technologies. Specialising in the operating systems and applications for secure microcontrollers; such as the SmartMX, solutions are used globally in the Finance and eID sectors.

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