Lead free & halogen free

The potential health hazard posed by lead (Pb) contamination is a major concern to everyone. Part of our commitment to sustainability, NXP's Pb-free initiative ensures the complete removal of lead from our entire device portfolio, without adversely affecting technical specifications or your own manufacturing processes. We are dedicated to offering you safe, non-toxic solutions that help your own products satisfy the very highest environmental standards.

Discrete and IC packages, particularly their solder pins, balls or bumps, were the main culprits of lead content, together with the solderpaste used to affix them to the board. Over the years, we have sought to reduce environmental impact of packaging, and NXP products are available Pb-free. You'll discover that, as well as setting and meeting environmental targets, NXP makes the use of Pb-free products an easy path for customers to follow.

Lead free Frequently Asked Questions

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