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Software Quality

The content of this page reflects a large part of our standard processing, however there may be exceptions. Please contact us if further clarification is needed.

Our software quality model is a set of activities we use to build quality directly into our software. We aim to have every system, component and process meet your needs. Our software quality team is in charge of software quality assurance, standards and improvement programs for the company.

Using quality control activities throughout the entire development lifecycle, we can detect and get rid of software defects at critical points in the process.

Ongoing quality management means continuous process improvements for our software products, the development lifecycle and in preventing defects.

Managing Our Software Quality Processes

Software Standards We aim to always meet industry standards (as well as our own) with internal quality assurance audits and capability gap assessments
Customer Care We work with you to fix released software issues, better our software processes and support
Improvement Programs We do process evaluations, assessments/audits and gap analysis of our quality programs, across NXP