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NXP in the United Kingdom

NXP in the United Kingdom

NXP operates from two locations in the U.K. We have a vibrant community in East Kilbride, close to Glasgow, built around our Research and Development Centre of Excellence. The leading edge activities employ more than 140 highly skilled employees primarily involved in the development of new products for NXP's automotive customers worldwide. The teams on site work closely together to enable product supply and identify opportunities for collaboration into areas such as industrial control and the Internet of Things. We also operate a sales office in Aylesbury situated north-west of London.

NXP continues to invest in major building works and developing key aspects of the East Kilbride site, including significant capital investment in the 5,000 sq. ft. Test Development area.

This area accommodates equipment used during the product test development, evaluation, characterization, reliability assessment and qualification of state of the art embedded microcontrollers (MCUs) used in the automotive market segment. Test development for new products is a critical step in the semiconductor industry that ensures products are launched on schedule with the highest level of quality.

The Center of Excellence is recognised globally in being able to bring together the teams on site to investigate new projects, explore prospective and emerging business areas, and enable new market opportunities for the company worldwide.

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