Logical access management

Innovation for convenient and secure access solutions

A growing number of smart cards and tokens are being used to grant logical access to computer networks, software and data files. It enables multi factor authentication schemes with high security. In many cases the same credential for physical access can be used in convergence with logical access. Multi application for customer convenience.

Key features and benefits

A growing number of smart cards and tokens are being used to grant logical access to computer networks, cloud services, software and data files.

  • SmartMX: Secure Dual Interface Smart Card IC
  • Symetric and Asymetic PKI Cryptography
  • Common Criteria Certified
  • Enabling converged physical and logical access solutions
  • Proven in government schemes including US PIV, PIV-I, and CIV
  • Proven in many private corporations of the banking, insurance and high tech industry

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 Logical Access

Smart cards and tokens are used to grant access to computer networks, software, and data files. With traditional identification measures such as login ID and password considered no longer safe, the process of authentication and authorization via smart cards is gaining prominence. Smart cards support the highest security level with three-factor authentication: something you know e.g. PIN number, something you have e.g. smart card, and something you are e.g. finger print on smart card.

In addition to high security logical access, smart cards are also deployed to combine multiple applications like logical access, physical access, debit and credit on one single card. NXP provides the key elements of logical access systems with secure smart card and reader ICs featuring contact, dual and contactless interfaces. The ICs offer a wide range of EEPROM configurations supporting the specific needs of various logical access control projects worldwide.


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AN11359Access Management Quick Start Guide (1.0)Application notepdf2014-02-18

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