Physical access management

Innovation for convenient and secure access solutions

Contactless technology is increasingly used to grant access to enterprise and government offices, hotel rooms and campus buildings worldwide. Convenience and security are the key advantages of systems based on contactless smart cards. NXP solutions based on open standard cryptography (3DES, AES, RSI) and common criteria certification smart card ICs and a broad reader IC portfolio supporting all major RF frequency standards.

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Key features and benefits

  • Portfolio of Smart Cards, Secure Access Modules and Reader ICs for state of the art access management systems
  • Enabling robust small scale systems, mulit application solutions e.g. with micro payment and parking access, up to complex multi site installations
  • Common criteria certified smart card ICs relying on open standard crypto (3DES, AES, PKI)
  • Our reader ICs support standardized, generic data structures and protocols
  • Proven in countless installations on all continents
  • Large ecosystem of solution providers
  • Qualified design-in tools and support

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Physical Access

Contactless smart cards are offering a convenient and secure way to give access to buildings. Compared to traditional technologies such as mechanical keys or mag stripe cards, they offer more flexibility and ease of use. You just hold your card next to the reader and the door opens, provided the card contains the necessary rights. In addition, the same cards can be easily used for work time tracking or canteen payment schemes. Access Management is a growing global segment where several hundred million cards are used every year.

Many systems are based on popular NXP ICs such as MIFARE™ Classic or Hitag. For new systems, especially where security is important, we recommend to use MIFARE Plus™ or MIFARE DESFire™ EV1. These ICs are common criteria certified and base their security architecture on proven open cryptography.
MIFARE Plus is the migration product to bring MIFARE Classic based system to AES security. It features the same memory structure as MIFARE Classic. MIFARE Plus offers innovative features to protect the user’s privacy with random IDs or the virtual card architecture as well as advanced security mechanism such as the proximity check against relay attacks.

MIFARE DESFire provides a flexible memory based on a 7816 file system and the choice of 3DES or AES cryptography.
In addition to the physical access to buildings, a secure smart card can also protect the logical access to PCs. Applets programmed on the NXP SmartMX™ ICs are described in the logical access section.
For access management readers, NXP offers reader ICs and SAMs to enable communication and secure key storage in the reader. 

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AN10957Generic Access Control Data Model (1.1)Application notepdf2011-03-10
AN11359Access Management Quick Start Guide (1.0)Application notepdf2014-02-18

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