Military communications remain at the forefront of modern communications architectures, with interoperability and ruggedness pushed to the limit in today’s harshest environments. NXP’s portfolio of high performance RF products meets the needs of today’s revolutionary architectures and battlefield stresses.

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Key features and benefits

  • Complete portfolio of high power, high efficiency LDMOS and GaN technologies delivers field tested solutions
  • Broad offering of discretes and integrated circuits, based on NXP’s high performance SiGe:C QUBiC technology, delivers high levels of integration and robustness
  • Largest portfolio of high speed ADC/DAC converter with JESD204A interface in the industry. Traditional LV CMOS and LVDS DDR interfaces also available.


Most modern defense communications are now based on SDR (Software Defined Radio). This advancement has led to more efficient communications over larger operating bandwidths and greatly improved inter-operability between different services. The advent of SDR has posed a significant challenge for power amplifiers. The broadband, multi-mode SDR is still somewhat limited by the bandwidth of the amplifier.

NXP’s LDMOS is used today in the world’s premier radios due to its excellent operating bandwidth and extremely rugged design – which can survive harsh mismatches in extreme circumstances. As with AESA radar, our SiGe:C process plays a crucial role in offering integration to radio designers for RF signal processing and consistent RF performance over temperature and processing.


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