Road tolling

Road tolling

Today, we are facing a global trend towards road tolling, with examples such as road privatisation in Brazil and 'use-oriented' costing in Europe. They involve toll booths or advanced freeflow systems that do not require the driver to stop and are often combined with 'stop and go' lanes.

Key features and benefits

Customer benefits

  • Contactless cards in the OBUs ensure short transaction times
  • Contactless MIFARE reader ICs in OBUs allow a cost efficient solution
  • Contactless MIFARE products are robust and reliable (vibration proof and not affected by air humidity, dust, etc.)
  • Upgradeable systems allow service providers to start with a low investment stop-and-go scheme, migrating to a freeflow system or a combination of both at a later stage
  • Quick and easy payment method for road toll or combined systems
  • Suitable for mobility multi-applications (toll, parking, public and transport)


Keeping traffic flowing at toll booths needs a fast and convenient system. MIFARE contactless cards are the ideal solution for 'touch-and-go' booths and can be combined with on-board units in the car, for use in freeflow systems.

MIFARE can also support road tolling as part of an integrated transport solution, allowing a single smart card to be used for road tolling, parking and public transport applications - providing the key to individual mobility.

Within the MIFARE product range, the following products are ideal for road tolling applications: MIFARE reader components for On-Board Units (OBUs) and MIFARE contactless and dual interface ICs for payment cards. Other identification products which may be used in road tolling applications include smart card ICs and contact controller ICs for e-purse cards.

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