Audio and home theater systems

Audio and home theater systems

Discover our innovative solutions for power control, content reception, AV connectivity, audio rendering, system control, together with an extensive portfolio of discrete and logic parts.

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Key features and benefits

  • Radio tuner and CD audio processing solutions
  • HDMI interfaces compatible with the latest HDMI specification
  • Large microcontroller and I2C-interface products portfolio
  • EMI filter and ESD protection options for all major interfaces
  • High speed data switches, buffers and redrivers
  • Comprehensive standard products portfolio
  • AC-DC controllers, LDOs and DC-DC converters

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Enhance the user experience with NXP's flexible connectivity options, innovative form factors and outstanding power efficiency. Whatever your audio component or integrated system design, you can rely our solutions for easy device pairing and control, wider connectivity options and improved audio performance. Our connectivity solutions, power distribution products and complete standard product portfolio simplify and shorten your design cycle, and they're backed by a secure and cost effective supply chain.

Over the years, home audio systems have evolved to answer new consumption habits such as storing compressed digitized songs on portable audio players or smartphones, or streaming content directly from internet websites. In particular, connectivity options such as LAN and USB are now becoming ubiquitous on HiFi components and home theater systems. New devices - such as docking stations for smartphones and sound bars needed to compensate for the limited audio performance of flat TVs - have also emerged. These devices require specific docking connections or digital connections to TV sets, as well as innovative audio amplification solutions to compensate for complex, small form factors.

Our products give you what you need to support all these audio trends.

Documentation for this application

File nameTitleTypeFormatDate
75017037NXP High-Speed Muxes/Switches Supporting DP/PCIe/SATA/mSATA/SAS/USB/LVDS (1.0)Leafletpdf2011-01-20
75016533Precise thermal monitoring with small, accurate temp sensors; NXP temperature sensors NE1617A & NE1619 (1.0)Leafletpdf2008-08-01
75017463NXP Application Guide; Audio systems (1.0)Other typepdf2014-01-20
UM10370User Manual for the PCF8883 Evaluation Kit OM11055 (2.1)User manualpdf2010-01-20
UM10204_JAI2C-bus specification and user manual (5.0)User manualpdf2013-04-03

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