Flat panel display TV sets

Flat panel display TV sets

NXP Semiconductors offers innovative solutions for power control, content reception, AV connectivity, audio rendering, system control, and an extensive port-folio of discrete and logic parts.

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Key features and benefits

  • RF components and integrated silicon tuners for hybrid terrestrial, cable, and satellite reception, associated to IF demodulator
  • HDMI interfaces compatible with the latest HDMI specification
  • Large micro-controller and I2C-interface products port-folio
  • EMI filter and ESD protection options for all major interfaces
  • Comprehensive standard products portfolio
  • AC-DC controllers and LED backlight drivers

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RF reception stage
Set top boxes can be very simple, but some boxes are complex gateways that are able to received several streams of information simultaneously. NXP offers single and multi-tuner solutions, as well as the option to easily connect several silicon tuners in parallel. Thanks to their high performance they can be used without external LNAs. NXP’s zero power loop-through switches enable TV reception even when the STB is shut-down. External LNAs are available for even better performance.

HDMI interface
In addition to a legacy analog audio video interfaces, for which NXP offers high-bandwidth switches and audio converters, today’s STB’s include a HDMI output interface for digital HD content output. NXP’s family of HDMI Rx, Tx and switches allow a switch-box function to be added to the STB, enabling the STB to become the main AV hub in the living-room

ESD protections
To increase the reliability of STBs and ensure a low return rate, NXP offers an extensive portfolio of solutions, integrated and discrete, for the protection of all interfaces.

  • ESD protections and level shifters for HDMI
  • ESD protections for USB, SATA, Ethernet
  • ESD protections for analog AV interfaces

Content access system
To ensure the authentication of viewing rights and protect high-value content, most STBs use a smart-card. As the leader of security ICs, NXP offers a large range of smart-card reader interfaces, which comply with the industry standards.

Low speed control functions and interfaces
Even when based on a highly integrated solution, STB systems will need additional IOs, temperature sensors and LED controllers. NXP offers a large portfolio of I2C controlled interfaces, GPIO expanders and sensors

Power management
As power efficiency becomes more important, manufacturer’s need efficient AC-DC controllers and high-performance microcontrollers to build power saving solutions, in active mode as well as in stand-by. NXP has a wide range of highly efficient AC-DC controllers and 8-bit and 32-bit micro-controllers.

RF remote control
The storage of STBs in the home is becoming more remote, and there is an increasing need for higher data rates and bidirectional communication between remote controller and STB. The regular infra-red remote control is progressively being replaced with very low power RF, such as 802.15.4/ RF4CE solutions .

To complete system-on-chip solutions, NXP offers a large portfolio of single functions in a small package, with different packaging options to prevent probing for enhanced security.

NXP Semiconductors has a comprehensive port-folio of discrete components, including transistors, diodes and ESD protections.

Documentation for this application

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