Satellite for LNB

Complete satellite portfolio for all LNB architectures. Designed for LNAs, mixers and IF amplifiers, these robust, small-footprint products are manufactured in our groundbreaking QUBiC4X SiGe:C and QUBiC4+ process technologies and are the latest additions to NXP’s leading portfolio for satellite LNB.

Key features and benefits

  • Excellent RF performance in silicon cost structures
  • Robust


RF transistor BFU725F

The BFU725F can be used in the LNA part and as a mixer for a DBS LNB. In either application it delivers low power consumption, good noise and linearity, and the lowest cost compared to GaAs pHEMT solution.

BGA28xx MMICs as IF amplifiers (1st stage and output stage)

For compatibility with existing designs, the BGA28xx series uses a market standard package, the SOT363 and the pin-compliant SOT363F. The pinning is identical to NXP’s current gain block family, and the blocks deliver similar noise figures. New features include flatter gain, a gain slope of 0.5 dB, improved P1dB vs. Icc, and no need for an output inductor (also high P1dB models).

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