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In our connected world, secure electronic identity solutions are a key building block. They facilitate public security, smart governance and efficient services, and provide value and convenience to its citizens. NXP is uniquely positioned to provide trusted, contactless performance for eGovernment applications. With our longstanding experience, complete solutions and leadership in security technology, we are the partner of choice for governments worldwide.



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“More than 11 million persons – 4.9 percent of the U.S. adult population – were victims of identity theft in 2011. Fraud was at $18 billion in 2011” (Javelin Strategy & Research, 2012 Identity Fraud Survey Report)

“In France 500,000 to 1 million of the 6.5 million biometric passports in circulation are estimated to be false, having been obtained on the basis of fraudulent documents” (European Parliament, April 2012)

“Health care fraud costs the country an estimated $80 billion a year” (FBI estimate for US health care fraud)

Enabling complete solutions

When implementing electronic documents (eDocs), governments face many complex challenges. In addition to the traditional printer, the value chain is extended to include vendors of security ICs, secure IC operating systems, inlays and more. These new partners, new manufacturing processes, data capture equipment and personalization steps all need to be qualified.

As the trusted identification partner of governments, NXP helps make the transition to eDocs smooth and successful. More than 80% of governments who have implemented electronic passports already rely on NXP for our advanced and secure electronic passport technology and the proven interoperability with passport reader ICs. Working with all market players to offer complete solutions, we enable eDoc solutions that meet government needs without compromising on security, quality or reliability.

Proven security

Security is a race and staying ahead is a major challenge. Secure microcontrollers need to be designed to ensure that confidential data can only be read by authorized parties. Cryptographic authentication protocols must ensure that each party has the proper access rights. All key material, symmetric or asymmetric, and all other personal card holder information needs to be securely stored. Access or usage of these assets must only be allowed to authenticated and authorized parties.

Due to the longer lifetime of electronic documents (e.g. up to 10 years for a passport), identification technology needs to be designed to withstand future attack scenarios. Designing a secure device with such long lifetime target requires specialized expert know how, long range investments, continuous innovation and leading edge processes and technology.

NXP is now introducing its fifth generation secured controller to the market. We have received more than 74 common criteria EAL5+ certificates for our SmartMX product range. And our latest contactless SmartMX2 platform has achieved CC EAL 6+ certificate, the first contactless device to reach this high level of security.

Contactless performance

Though security is necessary to build trust in electronic government documents, the contactless performance provides the convenient experience that is key for user acceptance. Interoperability and system performance make the difference between success and failure for the user. Government personnel and citizen expect a perfect performance from newly deployed systems, and citizens want to their document to be readable anywhere in the world.

By delivering outstanding contactless performance and providing complete solutions with smart card ICs and reader ICs, NXP has always performed best in class in the ICAO’s interoperability tests.

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