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The trend towards electronic documents for governments has also reached driving licenses. As with e-Passports, electronic licenses provide significantly increased security and forgery protection.

Key features and benefits

  • High volume supplier for electronic driving license projects all over the world, through multi-source production facilities
  • SmartMX and SmartMX2 latest secure microcontroller technologies, featuring various memory, crypto and interface options
  • ‘Ready to use’ solutions through partnership and in-house components such as SmarteID compliant with ISO/IEC 18013 BAP1 configuration
  • Understanding of privacy concerns, project complexity and standardization drive
  • Knowledge and experience of successful driving license ID implementations
  • Strong trusted partner network
  • Product training & support


Electronic driving license projects have already been launched in many countries including Oman, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Argentina, India, Mexico, Australia and Tanzania. With the successful implementation of electronic passports in more than 100 countries by end of 2012, the general trend is moving towards contactless solutions. Meanwhile the ongoing work on the ISO 18013 standard harmonizes issuance, and improves interoperability and security while serving national and international needs.

In addition to preventing fraud and forgery, electronic driving licenses can help streamline administrative processes by adding an electronic fine collection or storing traffic violations on the license. Other functionalities can also be added such as storage of medical information, voting card or travel documents when adding ICAO compliance.

For these types of documents, controlling access to sensitive personal information is a fundamental requirement. Our secure smart card IC product families feature highly advanced counter-measures against attacks as well as hardware firewalls, ensuring personal data stays safe and secure on the chip. As a result, 74 Common Criteria EAL 5+ security certificates have been awarded to NXP’s SmartMX family and a Common Criteria EAL 6+ security certificate to our latest SmartMX2 family.
NXP delivers solutions to various electronic driving license projects and is also offering solutions that allow more flexibility to direct and final customers. One of those solutions is the award winning MOB6 package, the thinnest on the market, which allows thickness for more security layers in the card or can offer a much thinner card. Furthermore, SmarteID, a dedicated solution for electronic driving licenses and other ID cards with low memory requirements, offers a file structure that is ICAO compliant, where the customers can choose the information they want to have in the data groups.

Documentation for this application

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75017570Electronic driver’s licenses: Driving towards the future (1.0)White paperpdf2014-07-15

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