Government access

Government access

Secure access to sensitive premises such as government agencies and private companies is essential to protect vital records. NXP offers the most secure ICs in contact, dual and contactless interfaces for badges and company cards.


Blocking illegal access to information and unsecured entry to buildings is critical for government and military organizations. However, securing a building while providing easy access for authorized personnel requires a system offering both security and convenience.

With specific solutions that meet specific regional requirements, NXP offers fully interoperable solutions for cards and readers designed for easy incorporation into non-existing or existing governmental services from different agencies and ministries such as PIV (Personal Identity Verification) or military badges.

Key achievements

  • Experienced high volume supplier for electronic badges in contact, dual and contactless interfaces.
  • Secure production and shipment
  • Multi source production facilities for high volume deployment
  • NXP was the first to introduce: dual interface IC, contactless PKI IC, IC with 3 interfaces, award-winning thinnest contactless chip package (MOB6 in 250 m)
  • Leader in chip security: NXP received industry’s first Common Criteria EAL5+ certificate for: ICs with contact and dual interface and triple interface IC
  • Private data protected on security certified hardware
  • Comprehensive portfolio with various memory, crypto and interface options, easy OS portability
  • Leader in chip and packaging technology: #1 in contactless chip technology (2 billion chips sold), unique, ultra low power designs, industry-leading reliability with data retention of 20 years

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