Solutions for national healthcare

Fraud is a real threat to national healthcare systems. The US FBI estimates that fraud is at $80 billion a year and keeps rising. Anti-forgery features of smart card technology helps reduce fraud.

Key features and benefits

  • Multi source production facilities fitting high volume deployment of eHC projects
  • SmartMX and SmartMX2 latest secure microcontroller technologies, featuring various memory, crypto and interface options and CC EAL5+/6+ certification
  • Complete and ‘ready to use’ solutions according to customer needs
  • Understanding of privacy concerns, project complexity and standardization drive
  • Knowledge and experience of successful healthcare ID implementations
  • Strong trusted partner network
  • Product training & support


As with other electronic documents, implementing secure electronic health cards (eHCs) provides the means to securely authenticate insurants before benefits are granted. Thus eHCs are vital security tokens protecting health care systems from fraud and forgery. However, it is not only about fraud and forgery, eHCs have significantly simplified processes to register, manage and administrate patient data and medical costs. Latest implementations go even further and store vital emergency data like blood type or allergies on the card, besides personal information. This information can help to save lives in an emergency situation.

Symmetrical or asymmetrical authentication schemes can be implemented to match the requirements of each project and customer, ensuring authenticity of the eHC as well as authenticity and integrity of the data stored on the card.

For these types of electronic documents, controlling access to sensitive personal information is a fundamental requirement. Our secure smart card IC product families feature highly advanced counter-measures against attacks as well as hardware firewalls, ensuring personal data stays safe and secure on the chip. As a result, 74 Common Criteria EAL 5+ security certificates have been awarded to NXP’s SmartMX family and a Common Criteria EAL 6+ security certificate to our latest SmartMX2 family.

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