High power LED string

High power LED string

Achieve fast proof-of-concept with our ready-made system board for single color LED applications. Ideal for residential and commercial lighting such as freezer lamps, cove, spot and architectural lighting. It also acts as a power supply for light engines.

Key features and benefits

  • High efficient converter (up to 90%)
  • Universal mains supply (90 to 265 VAC)
  • Compliant with Class 2 / EU isolation regulations
  • Flexible number of single color LEDs
  • Dimming (current control)


As well as giving you fast proof-of-concept for your high power lighting designs, our solution offers several key benefits.

Connecting directly to the mains, our AC/DC converter reference design for high-power LED strings distributes power to local or distributed light engines. Optimized for driving 25 high-power LEDs in series at 350 mA (giving a total VF(LED) of approximately 70 V), it can be easily adapted for different voltage and / or current requirements.

The reference design supports LED dimming through current reduction, for example, via a logarithmic variable resistor (potentiometer). This allows dimming to less than 2% to be achieved.

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