Smart lighting

Smart lighting with GreenChip iSSL and iCFL products

Our complete hardware/software solutions enable IP connectivity, where every light bulb has its own IP address, so you can create advanced lighting systems that are easily controlled by devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs.

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Key features and benefits

  • GreenChip iCFL or iSSL chipsets function as highly efficient, dimmable drivers for smart lamps
  • An ultra-low power standby supply controller with 10 mW no-load capability
  • An IEEE802.15.4 standard-compatible integrated RF transceiver and wireless microcontroller with a Tx/Rx current below 17 mA
  • Low-power, IP-based wireless connectivity enabled by the open source JenNet-IP networking software


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Intelligent, wireless lighting controls or ‘smart lighting’ is the latest major breakthrough in lighting. It saves energy by enabling new and improved usage models. Smart lighting signals a fundamental shift in the way we interact with lights – at home, in the office, even outdoors. By bringing together wireless IP connectivity with energy-efficient lighting technology in a secure, compact and low-cost solution, we are transforming the way we design, control and manage lights.

Automation and system level management
More than just simple adjustment of lighting environments using RF remote control and switches, smart lighting puts into place the technology necessary for complete lighting automation. Lamps using sensor information can control themselves depending on factors such as the amount of natural light present and room occupancy.

System-level management allows utility companies to help consumers control their energy consumption from a distance. In fact by establishing control gateways to a property, for example through an existing internet connection, all electricity use can be managed.

The enabling technology
Small, cost-effective GreenChip iCFL and iSSL modules form the key to smart lighting. They enable the creation of highly efficient systems allowing lights to be activated remotely and automatically via wireless controllers. Application possibilities extend to the control and management small-scale residential installations to large-scale commercial and industrial installations where IP-connectivity facilitates the seamless integration of the lighting network into building management systems.

GreenChip smart lighting modules allow multiple control options including RF remote controls, battery powered switches and via sensors. They also support system control using smartphones, tablets or PCs, enabled via low cost gateways.

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