Audio interface

Audio interface

Whatever your audio interface design for portable devices, such as cellular handsets, tablets, media players or navigation systems, you can rely on NXP Semiconductors to enhance the audio quality with louder and better sound. Our audio amplifiers, analog audio switches and ESD protection devices are available in the smallest packages and are backed by a secure and cost effective supply chain.

Key features and benefits

NXP is enhancing the user experience with louder sound in environments where users:

  • need to hear the phone ringing in noisy environments
  • want to enjoy their favorite music at higher volumes
  • use their devices a car

In addition, NXP provides better sound quality in environments where users want better speech intelligibility (VoIP) and to enjoy their favorite music / videos with a warmer audio sound. And when it comes to simplifing your designs, NXP offers affordable and easy-to-use audio components with digital interfaces for portable devices, delivering superior audio quality and a reduced component count.

Key features and Benefits:

  • PDM and I2S- input amplifiers are simplifying the audio architecture
  • High efficiency and ultra-low quiescent power consumption due Dynamic Power Stage Activation Technology
  • Minimized RF susceptibility
  • Enhancing the user experience with advanced audio and voice enhancing software algorithms
  • Ultra low power Audio DSP
  • One of the most complete range of standard products (e.g ESD protection, Analog switches)
  • Ultra small packages

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Digital Interfaces

Our digital in audio amplifier family (TFA9881/TFA9882/..) is built to simplify the audio architecture in mobile phones and portable applications by lowering the system cost and enabling easy interfacing. Using a digital interface eliminates the need for a D/A converter in the host processor, and the PDM or I2S format guarantees the an ultra small IC footprint.
The digital interface assures low RF susceptibility, in the device and the total system, and low sensitivity to input clock jitter. In addition, the digital interface eliminates the need for couple capacitors and safeguard speakers by eliminating problems coming from DC offsets due to leakage currents of an analog design.

Optional control tokens embedded in the audio stream of the NXP TFA 98xx digital Audio amplifier family can be used to control: mute/power-down mode, gain, clip behavior, bandwidth extension, and output slope.

I2S-input Class D: 1-direction data (+ control tokens) via 3 wires, 2 channels,
PDM-input Class D: 1-direction data (+ control tokens) via 2 wires, 2 channels

Ultra low power audio DSP 

Your business will be more successful when you are able to lower costs and achieve a shorter time to market. NXP can help you with that by sharing our technology with you. CoolFlux DSP is an audio DSP core developed with years of experience in Ultra Low Power Design. Recently NXP completed a new core in the CoolFlux DPS family optimized for Baseband Signal Processing such as for Software Defined Radio: the CoolFlux BSP. Find out more about CoolFlux DSP & CoolFlux BSP

Documentation for this application

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