HDMI interface

HDMI interface

NXP Semiconductors is simplifying the HDMI interface design process by offering a comprehensive and tailored HDMI portfolio, including transmitters, interface conditioning and protection devices. NXP solutions are optimized for easy routing and are easily used in combination with Type C and D connectors.

Key features and benefits

  • Optimized solutions for full compliance with HDMI Compliance Testing
  • High system level ESD protection 
  • Optimized routing at smallest footprint

In addition, our HDMI Authorized Test Center ensures that your products are fully-compliant with the HDMI specification.

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The impedance matched (100 ohm differential) TMDS lines are critical for the design of a HDMI interface, with minimal line capacitance to allow maximized EYE openings of the differential signals and robust system level ESD protection. The EYE open pattern test is actively supported by NXP, which is a founding member of the HDMI consortium. Our Authorized Test Center in Caen, France, offers HDMI compliance measurements including TDR and our development teams can assist with the more challenging aspects of HDMI, including HDCP keys.

Our low power HDMI transmitter connect to a 3 x 8 DVI and offer support for CEC and HDCP. It is backward compatible with DVI 1.0 and can be connected to any DVI 1.0 or HDMI sink. Our HMDI ESD protection saves mobile devices from ESD strikes and transient discharges when the HDMI cable is connected between source and sink devices such as TVs, mobile phones, media boxes and other sources.

Our HDMI Interface conditioning solutions provide a clean, straight forward routing option with hardly any discrete components. These devices integrate functions such as level shifting to bridge the voltage levels demanded by the HDMI interface specification and sub-µ technology system chips of mobile devices no longer supporting high voltage levels.

Documentation for this application

File nameTitleTypeFormatDate
75016976NXP ESD protection IC IP4791 (1.2)Leafletpdf2010-09-01
75017090Application guide; Portable devices and mobile handsets (3.0)Selection guidepdf2011-08-15

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