Mobile platform RF front-end

Mobile platform RF front-end

NXP offers a broad set of devices for state-of-the-art mobile platforms in the latest technologies including SiGe:C MMICs and wideband transistors. Our devices give the mobile platform designers freedom in antenna placement without sacrificing end-user experience. Our devices are available for direct placement on the board or usage in modules.

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Key features and benefits

  • Excellent RF performance in silicon cost structure
  • Robust

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GPS receiver LNAs

Experience GaAs-like sensitivity with faster time-to-first-fix and less board space on a silicon budget.

20% faster time-to-first-fix enabled by low noise figure of 0.8 dB combined with superior linearity and high resilience to jamming signals

Up to 40% PC board size reduction enabled by smallest GPS LNA packages and low component count, only 2 external components.

Broad portfolio for high-end (BGU80xx series), mid-end (BGU70xx) and low-end markets (BGU60xx series)


Improved sensitivity throughput for direct and diversity path of the LTE receiver.

Sensitivity balanced between direct and diversity path for high data throughput.

Devices for direct board placement (BGU8x1 series) and module integration (BGU8x1UK series)

Documentation for this application

File nameTitleTypeFormatDate
AN11368BGU8019 GNSS LNA evaluation board (2.0)Application notepdf2014-02-26
AN11288BGU8009 GNSS LNA evaluation board (1.0)Application notepdf2012-12-27
AN11369BGU8004 GNSS LNA evaluation board (2.0)Application notepdf2014-02-12
AN11101BGU7007 GPS front end evaluation board (1.0)Application notepdf2011-09-13
AN11525BGU6009/N2 GNSS LNA evaluation board (1.0)Application notepdf2014-05-01
AN11515BGU6005/N2 GNSS LNA evaluation board (3.0)Application notepdf2015-02-19
AN11512BGU8L1 LTE LNA evaluation board (1.0)Application notepdf2014-05-01
AN11513BGU8M1 LTE LNA evaluation board (1.0)Application notepdf2014-05-01
AN11514BGU8H1 LTE LNA evaluation board (1.0)Application notepdf2014-05-01
AN11596BGU8L1UK LTE LNA evaluation board (1.0)Application notepdf2014-11-13
AN11595BGU8M1UK LTE LNA evaluation board (1.0)Application notepdf2014-11-13
AN11594BGU8H1UK LTE LNA evaluation board (1.0)Application notepdf2014-11-13

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