5 V Qi Low power A5/A11 transmitter solution

5 V reference design

NXP's single chip fully integrated 5 V wireless charging transmitter solution is designed according to the Qi low power A5/A11 specification.

Key features and benefits


  • Single chip Qi-compliant low power A5/A11 transmitter
  • Enables low cost and small size wireless charger application
  • High efficiency by low power CoolFluxTM technology
  • Meets WPC Version 1.1.2
  • <2mW ultra low standby power
  • Exceeds 5-star no-load phone charger rating
  • <10 external components. Passives only.
  • Enables <2cm2 application with single side components
  • Small 5 x 5 mm HVQFN32 package
  • Advanced digital ASK processing
  • Safe operation by foreign object detection (FOD)
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Smart power limiting for low power USB chargers
  • Static power limiting for more NXQ1TXA5 parallel at one USB supply
  • Patented Low EMI DSP switching control for integrated power driver

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NXP’s 5 V wireless charging transmitter architecture combines our high performance mixed signal technology, in the form of functions like on-chip voltage regulation, on-chip current and voltage measurement, ASK and foreign object detection (FOD) to optimize safe & efficient wireless charging and an integrated full bridge to drive the transmitter coil, controlled by NXP’s low power CoolFlux DSP technology.

The design provides sufficient transmitted output power to enable a 5 W wireless charger receiver output to the battery of the device to be charged, and uses advanced digital ASK signal processing to ensure reliable interoperability. The low power CoolFlux DSP technology will enable an extremely low standby power to minimize power consumption when there is no device placed on the charger. At the same time, it provides a fast device detection and wakeup when charging should start.

The single chip 5 V solution is provided in a package that measures just 5 x 5 mm and requires only very few external components. This enables the smallest possible design for a 5 V Qi low power wireless charging transmitter, with the highest possible efficiency and the lowest possible standby power. Powered by the NXP GreenChip TEA1720 high efficiency SMPS controller in the 5 V supply unit, this Qi A5/A11 wireless charging transmitter becomes an even more optimized solution. And of course, this solution can also use a standard 5 V USB charger with suitable output power.

Documentation for this application

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75017524Wireless charging transmitter (1.0)Leafletpdf2015-03-14

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