Offering customer proven security and performance, NXP‘s broad banking product portfolio helps you out-perform the single most important requirement of banks and financial institutions: guaranteeing the security of financial transactions.

Key features and benefits

  • Large range of security certificates: CC EAL5+ , MasterCard (CAST), VISA
  • Secure Fetch™ technology to protect against light attacks
  • Best in class transaction performance
    • Mchip/4 v1.3 transaction time on P5CD081 platform: 260ms
    • VSDC2.7.1 transaction time on P5CD081 platform: 172ms
  • Support small size antenna (half size ID1 antenna)
  • Market leader for convergence application including payment & transportation (MIFARE Classic and MIFARE DESFire emulation)

Key downloads


EMV migration

Chip-based payment cards that comply with the EMV (Europay-MasterCard-Visa) standard provide greater security than today's Magnetic stripe cards. Using encryption algorithms such as DES, RSA and SHA, our EMV-compliant cards employ data authentication technology to prevent counterfeiting.

DDA migration

EMV migration started with SDA (Static Data Authentication) which uses DES or 3DES encryption algorithms. The EMV standard also includes an option for DDA (Dynamic Data Authentication). With DDA, the smart card chip creates a unique signature for each transaction – a digital 'password' that no counterfeit card can generate. While DDA requires more powerful chips with an additional coprocessor, banks in a number of European countries have already adopted this option or are issuing DDA-enabled EMV cards.

Contactless Migration and Convergence

Major banks and credit card companies are starting to provide enhanced convenience to card users with contactless payment solutions combined with public transport applications, including dual interface and pure contactless payment solution.

NXP offers a full product portfolio that meets the specific needs of financial service providers as they migrate to contactless transactions.

SmartMX and FastPay

The SmartMX family is a proven and reliable smart card solution for contact and contactless applications, combining ultra low power design and high performance with advanced attack resistance through powerful cryptographic co-processors.

FastPay is ISO 14443 Type A certified and supports the latest MasterCard and Visa specifications for contactless payment. Fast Pay supports multiple form factors, including full CR80/ID-1 cards, fobs and stickers.

Track record

  • NXP is the first supplier to receive Industry‘s Smart Card IC Common Criteria EAL5+ evaluation in 2001.
  • Partner of choice with top 5 players that serve more than 80% of the payment market.
  • Supply more than 100 million pcs/year of highly secure smart card controller in banking apps
  • Long time relationship with trusted financial organization: VISA, MASTERCARD, CUP

“…Very pleased with the outstanding performance of the MasterCard PayPass implementation provided by NXP…” MasterCard Worldwide, Nov 4th 2008

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