Mobile transactions

Mobile transactions

The ability to make 'mobile transactions' using RFID creates a wealth of business opportunities by adding attractive, highly convenient functionality to a device carried by four fifths of the world’s population. NXP’s NFC (Near Field Communication) solutions hold the key to this revolution.

Key features and benefits

  • Complete portfolio of NFC transceivers and controllers
  • Complete NFC hardware and firmware/software solution available
  • Qualified design-in support for antenna design and software
  • First NFC solution fully compliant with ETSI SWP specifications and guaranteeing compliance with widely deployed MIFARE infrastructure
  • Multiple design-ins supporting commercial NFC rollouts


Co-inventor of NFC technology, NXP supports over 150 NFC trials worldwide and is the leading NFC partner in commercial solutions for enabling mobile transactions and ticketing.

Mobile contactless applications are opening a range of new services in transportation and payment. NFC facilitates these applications by offering secure, short-range communication between electronic devices, such as mobile phones, PDAs, computers and payments terminals via a fast and simple wireless connection. Combined with contactless payment technology, NFC can enable secure and convenient purchases with a mobile device. In addition to NFC-enabled mobile phones, several new form factors such as contactless stickers and MicroSD cards are emerging for mobile transactions.

Versatility, security

Using NFC technology, people can make numerous contactless transactions including those for mobile payment, transit and ticket purchase, access, and top-up. NFC enables these transactions by providing secure storage for confidential personal data such as credit card numbers, coupons, membership data or digital rights.

Market acceptance

There are encouraging signs of market take up, with commercial launches and trials proving customer acceptance in various regions worldwide. NXP offers a wide portfolio of high quality, high performance NFC controllers that add NFC capability to various types of consumer electronic devices using the most widely deployed contactless communication protocols.

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