Security in a Smart Connected World

in a Connected World

As more devices connect to the network, cloud and to each other, we are provided with new opportunities to make our lives easier, adding value with increased functionality and intelligent services. This connectivity requires more computing and security to ensure reliability, safety and quality.

NXP Security Technology and Expertise

From MCUs to processors to secure elements, software, and services, NXP provides solutions for ecosystems that require security. NXP’s industry leading security capabilities protect systems from the edge node to the cloud.

NXP Security Technology and Expertise

Security requires keeping one step ahead with the latest cryptographic techniques and delivering the best security solutions in both hardware and software. NXP achieves this with deep engineering expertise, strong relationships across the ecosystem and a broad understanding of applications that require physical and logical security.

Security by Design

At NXP we know that secure things start with smart design: We have identified 7 principles of Security by Design which help with data protection. Security by Design needs to be the principle of every application in the connected world.

NXP Security Technology and Expertise

Secure Authentication and Anti-Counterfeit Technology

Enabling device manufacturers the capability to prove the authenticity of their genuine products.

Secure Authenticator IC

Transport/Event Ticketing, Loyalty & Micropayment, Access Management, Consumer Interaction

NXP contactless IC solutions offer convenience, flexibility and scalability with security for over 40 different applications.


Smart Label and Tag ICs

Find the right contactless solutions for secure inventory/supply chain management, AVI and brand protection use cases through our powerful NFC, HF and UHF ICs.

Smart Label and Tag ICs

eGovernment, Banking and Public Transport

Secure and fast data transactions for when higher levels of protection are needed, with advanced attack resistance.

SmartMX Controllers

Mobile Payment

Mobile contactless applications are opening a range of new services in transportation and payment facilitated with NFC, embedded secure elements and secure software.

Mobile Payment

Embedded Applications

NXP offers logical security built into MCUs and processors for a broad spectrum of embedded applications.

Secure Kinetis® Microcontrollers
i.MX Applications Processors
based on ARM® Cores

Secure Vehicle Architecture

With up to 100 control units (ECUs), managing everything from infotainment systems through to safety-critical systems in a modern connected car, NXP secures the automobile with a 4+1 layers of defense approach.

Secure Vehicle Architecture

Intelligent Traffic Systems - ADAS and Autonomous Driving

NXP leads the way in securely connected vehicles and infrastructure (V2X).

V2X Communications

Secure Car Access

NXP leads the immobilizer market and continues to drive it, developing ICs for the next generation of remote keyless and passive entry systems.

Passive Keyless Entry/Go

Networking and Industrial

For power-constrained networking and industrial applications to new virtualized networks and embedded systems using secure ARM-based communication processors.

QorIQ® Processors
based on ARM Technology

Highest performance, smallest form factor and power efficiency with NXP’s secure communication processors based on Power architecture.

QorIQ® P Series
based on Power Architecture Technology

NXP delivers crypto coprocessors that enable secure network traffic to minimalize network traffic bottlenecks from public key handshakes.

C29x Family of Crypto Coprocessors

Base Stations

Our expansive portfolio includes multimode solutions for secure femtocell, picocell, metrocell and macrocell base station applications.

QorIQ® Qonverge Platform: Baseband Processor