Smart Governance

NXP is a trusted leader in Smart Governance services, providing tested, secure identification and authentication solutions. We work with government authorities around the world to support the growing need for secure electronic identification services including Identity cards, passports, health and social security cards and driving licenses.

Contactless technology is being introduced to all kinds of government-issued applications, from ID cards to e-passports. At NXP, security for Smart Governance applications is a vital part of what we do as a company. We spend a lot of time creating better ways to protect confidential data and keep private information safe from harm. .

NXP Solutions Features and Benefits

  • High and future proof security: Latest secure microcontroller technology, coming with CC EAL 6+ certification
  • Complete and 'ready to use’ solutions through partnership and in-house components
  • Understanding of privacy concerns and project complexity and drive for standardization
  • Secure multi-source production facilities fitting high volume deployment
  • Knowledge and experience of successful implementations of identification solutions in projects worldwide


Athena SCS acquired
by NXP

  • Working as one to secure solutions across the IoT, Industry 4.0, automotive and identification

Product Order Description
KV1x Kinetis® KV1x - 75 MHz, BLCD, PMSM Motors, Entry Level Microcontrollers (MCUs)
KV3x The Kinetis® KV3x family of MCUs delivers a high-performance solution for motor control applications (BLDC, PMSM, ACIM).
KV4x Kinetis® KV3x - 150 MHz, Precision, Sensing, Motor and Power Control, High Performance Microcontrollers (MCUs)
KV5x High performance, cost-effective 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 based MCU family for BLDC, PMSM and ACIM motor control.