Microwave radio front-end

Microwave radio front-end

Our front-end design uses PLL based LO generators. More robust than their GaAs equivalents, they offer better overall RF performance and lower power consumption. The process technology also enables higher integration, for added features.

Block diagram

Key features and benefits

  • Significantly lower power dissipation
  • More robust
  • Simpler design
    • no need for the ground plane acts as heat-sink


The microwave radio front-end is a typical radio set-up for systems such as point-to-point and multi-point radios. It is also very similar to the radio in car radar applications. An RF input goes to a mixer where the RF signal is mixed with an LO frequency to bring it down to an IF signal of around 3 GHz.

DRO free LO generators TFF11xxxHN

Simplify design-in and lower the total cost of ownership with these highly integrated, alignment-free LO generators. Manufactured in NXP’s breakthrough QUBiC4X SiGe:C process technology, they deliver low power consumption and low-spurious performance.

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