RF generic front-end

RF generic front-end

The RF generic front-end with single antenna is a typical solution for e-metering, W-LAN and ISM applications. Using our BGA7xxx series MMICs, the design provides many benefits over those based on GaAs components.

Block diagram

Key features and benefits

  • GaAs HBT performance at silicon prices
  • Higher integration helps save cost and space
  • Smallest leadless package size SOT908 (3 x 3 mm)


In virtually every wireless application from mobile or networking infrastructure (W-LAN / ISM / RFID), through fixed wireless and industrial applications including e-metering there is always a demand to improve basestation performance.


Tunable for any band between VHF and 2.7 GHz, our MMICs make an excellent choice for mobile infrastructure applications. In basestations for example, medium power MMICs rival GaAs on linearity performance (better / constant signal formation over power, so less distortion). Also, higher integration levels help save cost and space (e.g. integrated gain control). And features like built-in thermally compensated bias circuits assure stable system level performance, while integrated shut down/enable circuitry simplifies system implementation as well as reducing cost.

Remote metering

Today, e-metering / remote metering is a hot topic, especially when linked to home devices for water, gas, electricity and other flow meters. Ideal for eMetering applications in the 900-2400 MHz ISM band, the MMICs’ high integration and single-supply operation mean they can be combined with just a few other components to create a full-featured solution. Again the use of medium power MMICs helps simplify design, as the same part can often be tuned for different bands. They also offer greater reliability: both from the inherent qualities of silicon as well as the ability to easily embed improved ESD performance – for some applications this makes install and forget systems possible.

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