Wireless repeater

Wireless repeater

A global leader in RF technology and component design, NXP Semiconductors offers a broad portfolio of products from discrete devices over integrated low noise amplifiers to highly-integrated SoCs to help simplify your wireless repeater design and development process.

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A power stronghold
NXP has built a strong position in RF transistors for basestation power amplifiers with reliable and innovative solutions. These include our LDMOS technology, which offers best in-class efficiency, power and ruggedness, and our new, high-speed technology using gallium nitride (GaN) material.

Small-signal, big choice
Choose the best-fit solution for your application from our extensive portfolio of small signal RF components including low noise amplifiers (LNAs), variable gain amplifiers (VGAs), mixers, local oscillators (LOs).
Our portfolio is based on high speed, state-of-the-art silicon technologies such as our QUBiC4 BiCMOS process. QUBiC4 silicon components meet the performance requirements of RF base stations while offering greater functionality than traditional gallium arsenide (GaAs) components, at similar or lower cost.

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