Advanced protection for more robust systems

Chip geometries continue to shrink, allowing more functionality to be squeezed into smaller spaces. The downside is that individual ICs and complete systems become more sensitive to transient voltage pulses. Robust protection is vital, but signal integrity must be maintained and PCB space is increasingly limited. This is where our comprehensive range of advanced ESD protection, Common-Mode and EMI filtering as well as TVS devices can help you.

Safeguard your design

NXP's portfolio contains more than 150 types. They cover systems such as

  • communications
  • computing
  • consumer
  • automotive and
  • industrial applications.

And include virtually all interface standards, e.g.

  • USB3.0 and USB2.0 with optional Vbus
  • HDMI
  • Ethernet
  • eSATA
  • DisplayPort
  • MIPI
  • MHL
  • Thunderbolt

And new products are being added all the time.

As well as new devices, we also continue to innovate in package outlines. Packages need to be designed with the PCB layout in mind to support easy routing, optimized signal integrity and ESD protection. Size is also important, especially as more off-chip ESD protection is necessary and our ultra-small packages save PCB space for greater design flexibility.

Whatever your ESD protection needs, NXP has the high performance device and miniature package to safeguard your design.