Smarter connections between car and driver

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Smarter connections between car and driver

The car has transformed from a simple mode of transport to a personalized mobile information hub. With it comes an increase in data that needs to be displayed in a clear, user-friendly way, now more than ever. In addition, the growth in Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) is further pushing requirements for intuitive human machine interfaces (HMI). These add safety benefits, while reducing unnecessary distractions for the driver.

By offering a complete series of dedicated automotive LED controllers and LCD drivers, NXP is at the forefront of visualization in instrument clusters, car radios and climate control units, enabling clearer, more energy efficient and smaller form factor solutions. Furthermore, our broad range of capacitive sensors allows more intuitive interfacing between the car and driver – resulting in higher performing, more reliable, and more cost-effective HMIs.

Our interface solutions streamline the experience and ensure drivers are fully connected with the car.

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