The smarter way to energy efficiency

GreenChip solutions for Power and Lighting

Aimed at making power and lighting solutions smarter and more energy efficient, NXP's GreenChip technology lies at the heart of our cost-effective, high-efficiency Power and Lighting ICs. GreenChip products are suitable for any device that draws AC power and offer many benefits, from minimal standby power (as low as 10 mW) to smart SSL-dimming.

If you're making any product that plugs into a power socket or a light fixture, can you afford to be without GreenChip?

Technology Roundup
High-efficiency Power Conversion

Power Tech Roundup

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GreenChip Smart Lighting

Smarter lighting network solutions
- Residential & commercial appl.
- Wireless Control: JN5168/64
- Control: switches, remotes & IP

Greenchip SSL

Smarter driver & controller ICs for LED
- Highly integrated and efficient
- SSL21081 delivers 92% efficiency

Greenchip CFL

Smarter driver ICs for SuperCFL bulbs
- Fast start up and less noise
- Dims like incandescent lamps.

GreenChip portable

Leveraging our proven SMPS expertise to power tomorrow's ultra-light notebooks and tablets.

GreenChip desktop PC & gaming

Increasing graphics processing power needs more efficient power solutions to keep consumption to a minimum.

GreenChip innovation

Wireless Charging, Photo Voltaic Microinverters and RF Energy - just add GreenChip for the best results!