GreenChip smart lighting


Smarter efficiency in lighting control

An internet address for every light bulb! By enabling new usage models, GreenChip makes the Internet-connected, energy-efficient lighting network a reality – for consumers in the home as well as for commercial applications. NXP's GreenChip iSSL and GreenChip iCFL bring together wireless IP connectivity, energy-efficient lighting and low power standby in a compact, low-cost solution that enables new ways to control lights and manage energy consumption.

NXPs network software provides the ultra-low-power wireless connectivity for the GreenChip iSSL and GreenChip iCFL modules. JenNet-IP is a 6LoWPAN mesh-under tree network with low memory footprint, specifically targeting low-power IEEE 802.15.4-based networking for residential and industrial applications. ZigBee LightLink is a standards- based solution targeting in-room lighting for residential applications

Total smart lighting environment

NXP supports a total 'smart lighting' solution with GreenChip. Our complete lighting product portfolio includes high efficiency, low standby power converters, CFL, solid state LEDs (SSL) and TL drivers and high performance, low power IEEE802.15.4 compatible single-chip transceivers and microcontrollers. NXP also supports the main lighting-relevant software stacks like Zigbee and JenNet.

The solutions are flexible too, so you can add extra smart lighting features such as remote dimming and color adjustment. Get ready for the 'Internet of Things' - a world in which every appliance can be monitored and controlled via an IP address.