Put the LPC800 to the test

With the LPC800, NXP has designed the first microcontroller that offers the simplicity of a low-pin-count 8-bit controller with the versatility of a 32-bit Cortex M0+ core. The LPC800 makes it easier for you to achieve the next level of advanced feature development, with all the tools and support needed to get to market quickly.

These advanced yet cost-effective microcontrollers are smaller, more streamlined, and more power-efficient than ever. Use the LPC800 with our development boards and design tools to make the most optimized hardware / software solutions for your application.

Available in classic low-pin-count packages, the LPC800 offers easy-to-use peripherals addressing 8-bit application requirements while providing the 32-bit capabilities and exceptional power efficiency of the ARM Cortex-M0+ processor. And with its breakthrough price point, the LPC800 family gives you a simple choice for your low-cost, high-volume 8-bit applications.

So get your hands on the LPC800 and discover how this basic building block for every embedded toolbox can help you in your next design.