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NFC, the next experience in mobile

So, what exactly is NFC?

NFC, which stands for Near-Field Communication, is the breakthrough technology that allows objects to respond to the tap of a mobile device. NFC transforms the already dynamic mobile user experience in a way that enables the "Internet of Things". Suddenly, tags in "smart posters" or location based check in signs, games or media content on a friends' tablet, and ticketing or payment terminal contactless readers can interact with your mobile device in a secure and frictionless manner.

Co-invented by NXP Semiconductors in 2002, NXP's NFC technology is now incorporated in mobile phones and tablets from major OEM's, in mobile operating systems, in the services of mobile network operators and service providers and in the tags and readers deployed by transit operators, retailers, access control systems and advertisers.

What does it mean for me?

Increasingly, your smart phone will unlock new interaction with the world around you - tapping your phone to your door lock to access your home, tapping a poster to view a movie trailer and see local theater times, tapping to ride the subway, tapping a business acquaintance’s phone to exchange electronic business cards, or tapping a payment terminal to redeem coupons and pay. All this results in new conveniences and an ability to extend the limits of mobile apps.

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