NXP is constantly pushing the envelope of technology and that requires talent

“Human Resources at NXP is focused on ensuring talent has the opportunity to grow and thrive in a high performance environment ”
Nathalie Chatel - Accountant

When you join NXP Semiconductors you take a journey into the future – both professionally and personally. As a major global technology player, we enable the smart applications that are changing the world. That’s why we want people who make a difference – young talent and senior experts who will flourish in our informal and inspiring environment. And whether you’re interests lay in engineering or leadership, our career structure accelerates you to the top via a network of exciting opportunities for
personal growth.

Take your journey into the smarter world with NXP.

NXP Semiconductors

Thanks to my peers, mentors and managers I grew quickly in my job: Now I enjoy mentoring my new colleagues. There is this special something, maybe the mix of cultures, that means we are not simply coming to a workplace. NXP promotes a good balance between work and family.Franck

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By using NXP email addresses to submit candidates or by uploading resumes via our career site without prior consultation, the sender accepts that NXP shall have the right to pursue and engage those candidates without obligation to third party terms and conditions.

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