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The NXP Flyback SMPS Design Tool helps you design flyback power supplies using NXPs TEA172x, TEA173x and TEA183x family. The TEA172x family and the TEA173x family are low cost Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) controller IC’s intended for flyback topologies.

The latest update of the tool is addition of the TEA1836 QR/DCM controller IC, which is also a SMPS controller IC intended for flyback topologies. This part is target for ultra efficient (>93%) switch mode power solutions with an extreme low No Load Power consumption (<30mW).

Another new tool feature is the export function of all design parameters, results and graphs that automatically transfers the data into an Excel sheet for post-processing or presentation purposes. Furthermore the database of transformer cores is extended.

The tool guides you step-by-step through the calculation process in order to obtain all relevant design parameters with minimum time and effort.

Once completed you will have a design overview, including the summary of the calculated design parameters, a picture of the transformer winding proposal, detailed schematics, and waveforms. The online tool calculates the complete schematics and a part list. Optionally the calculated BOM parts can directly be ordered at linked distributors. The tool also allows you to load and save designs as well as to share designs with other engineers.

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Product information page:

TEA1721 - GreenChip SMPS control IC
TEA1723 - GreenChip SMPS control IC
TEA1733 - GreenChip SMPS control IC
TEA1738 - GreenChip SMPS control IC
TEA1836 - GreenChip SMPS control IC


TEA1721 datasheet
TEA1723 datasheet
TEA1738 datasheet
TEA1836 datasheet

Application note:

TEA172x - 5W to 1 W Power Supply/USB charger
TEA1733 - GreenChip TEA1733(L) fixed frequency flyback controller
TEA1836x – GreenChip TEA1836x DCM / QR SMPS flyback controller IC

Demo boards:

TEA1721ADB1059               TEA1721 Non-isolated buck converter demo board
TEA1721ADB1060               TEA1721 Non-isolated buck/boost converter demo board
TEA1721ADB1061               TEA1721 Isolated universal mains flyback converter demo board
TEA1721ADB1062               TEA1721 Isolated 3-phase universal mains flyback converter demo board
TEA1721ADB1102               TEA1721 Cubic Charger 5W demo board
TEA1836DB1094                 TEA1836 65W / 19.5V QR/ DCM Adapter
TEA1836DB1200                 TEA1836 45 W 19.5 V QR / DCM Wall Charger

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