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The HFTL tool enables easy design of single or dual lamp applications, for T5 and T8 TL lamps and also for PL-C and Dulux D/E lamps using NXPs UBA2014 and UBA2015. For these applications two resonant tank topologies are supported, SR (Series Resonant filament heating) and IPH (Inductive PreHeat filament heating).

The tool guides you step-by-step through the calculation process in order to obtain all relevant design parameters with minimum time and effort.

Once completed you will have a design overview, including the summary of the calculated design parameters, a picture of the transformer winding proposal, detailed schematics, and waveforms. The online tool calculates the complete schematics and a part list. Optionally the calculated BOM parts can directly be ordered at linked distributors. The tool also allows you to load and save designs as well as to share designs with other engineers.

HFTL tool updates related to UBA2015:

  • Added product descriptions for the whole UBA201X family
  • Added IC package selection
  • Added support for internal PFC controller
  • Added support for two lamps in parallel for both SR and IPH fixed output topologies

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