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To keep today's development cycles as short as possible, NXP helps you simplify your design with intuitive online tools. The SSL2101/2/3 isolated LED Driver design tool focuses on creating LED drivers from 2 W up to 25 W. The applications include:

  • SSL retro-fit lamps (e.g. GU10, E27)
  • LED modules, separate power supplies, e.g. LED spots, down-lights
  • LED strings, e.g. retail display
  • LED ballasts
  • Contour lighting
  • Channel letter lighting
  • Other lighting applications

Output power is user-defined and can be fixed, dimmed using pulse width modulation (PWM), or requires mains dimmable solutions.

The tool generates schematic, bill of material and transformer parameters, calculates the design's efficiency, and presents an overview of losses. Also, for a better understanding of the application it can be simulated either online or even locally after downloading the schematics and simulator.

Product information pages


SSL2101 datasheet
SSL2102 datasheet
SSL2103 datasheet

Application notes

SSL210x - SSL2101 and SSL2102 dimmable mains LED driver
SSL2102 - SSL2102 30 W Flyback triac dimmable LED driver
SSL2101 - SSL2101 dimmable high efficiency Flyback design
SSL - Dimmable LED based lamps
General - SMPS EMC and layout guidelines

Demo boards

SSL2101DB1069 7W flyback converter for dimmable SSL applications
SSL2101DB SSL2101 12W-230V demonstration board
SSL2101DB05 SSL2101 120V 7.5W GU10 Flyback reference board
SSL2102DB SSL2102 Triac - dimmable Flyback demonstration board
SSL2103DB03 SSL2103 120V 21W/700mA Flyback Reference Design

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