• General Information-Post Employment Benefits

General Information-Post Employment Benefits

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Information About Your NXP Post-Employment Benefits

Welcome! This website gives you information about your NXP U.S. post-employment benefit plans for Pre-65, Terminated Disabled Participant (TDP) and Age 65+ members. Please take care to access the information that applies to you using the links on the right hand menu.

You may view, download, or print any or all of the documents on this page. To view these files (.pdf format), you will need Adobe® Reader®.

General Information for All Retirees/TDPs

Retiree Summary Plan Description (SPD)
This “Retiree Summary Plan Book” has been updated and replaces all prior versions.

HIPAA Notice

Medicare and You Handbook
This publication is your official government Medicare handbook.

Links to Web Sites

This Web site provides general information about Medicare and its benefits.

Click Here for information about Pre-65/TDP Plans

Click Here for information about Age 65+ Plans

If you are eligible for NXP Retiree Medical and want to learn more about the Aon Retiree Health Exchange, please review our NXP Age 65+ Retirree Information Sheet.

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