the frontier of vision and sensing

UAVS promise new perspectives on the world around us and the ability to go places that were once impossible. NXP places the world’s most complete portfolio of UAV technologies in the hands of developers.

UAVs are powered by a full portfolio of NXP products and solutions

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Flight Controllers and Sensors

Finding the right processor for your flight controller is easy with NXP’s mix of MCUs and multi-core options

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Vision Systems, Advanced Sensing, Autonomy

NXP UAV solutions are the foundation of advanced navigation, collision avoidance and communication

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Motor controls and Actuators

NXP offers reliable and efficient motor controllers and Power MOSFETs to keep UAS/UAVs moving

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Power supply and platform Busses

NXP has high reliability automotive systems for CAN Bus, LIN, 100 Base-T1 two wire Ethernet, and specialty bus

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Radio and Telemetry Systems and Security

NXP Radio and Telemetry Systems and secure V2X radios power advanced Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) to communication

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Software Ecosystem

UAS/UAV rely on incredible advances in software solutions to drive success. NXP contributes significantly to open source software initiatives, and the development optimized licensed software for specific unique hardware enablement. An extensive partner network and the NXP ecosystem of open source and advanced proprietary software in operating systems, RTOS, hypervisors, security, bus protocols, sensor algorithms and analytics and networking protocols and much more means that customers have a solid bedrock of software solutions at hand.


Third Party

  • Hypervisors
  • SSL (WolfSSL, Others)
  • Android/Brillo – OS
  • uCosII RTOS
  • Vision software (Optimized OpenCV)
  • Radar processing

Open Source

  • DroneCode
  • PX4 flight stack
  • NuttX RTOS
  • FreeRTOS
  • Zephyr RTOS
  • OpenCV
  • NXP Sensor Fusion