NXP’s commitment to the highest standards of ethics and integrity helps us earn the continued confidence of our employees, investors, customers, vendors, and communities.

Our Code of Conduct (the “Code”) translates that commitment into principles, standards, and responsibilities that help guide our behavior and our decision-making. The Code prohibits unethical behaviors, such as conflicts of interest, kickbacks, bribery, fraud, improper accounting, and improper use of company assets or funds. The Code mandates compliance with the laws of the countries in which we do business, and conformance with international standards for labor and human rights. It also requires the protection of confidential information and intellectual property, the selection of suppliers in accordance with set business criteria, and strict adherence to all public reporting requirements. Through the Code, our commitment to ethics and integrity is ingrained in our daily operations.

We monitor and assess compliance and investigate each allegation of non-compliance. When a problem is detected, we analyze the root cause and modify the relevant internal control system to prevent a possible recurrence. We track the company’s compliance performance and report progress on a quarterly basis to the Chief Financial Officer, the General Counsel, and the Audit Committee of our Board of Directors.

More information regarding the auditable standards in the Code, Labor and Human Rights, Supplier Responsibility, and Conflict Minerals is provided in this section of the site.