Motion and Motor Control

Industry 4.0 is only one aspect of a changing industrial landscape. Evolving applications like e-bikes and power tools raise the demand for highly efficient and reliable parts.

At the same time, industrial designers face the challenge of creating motor-control platform designs that combine the flexibility to adapt quickly to different types of motors with the high accuracy needed to guarantee performance in the most rugged systems.

To meet these new requirements, companies and hardware engineers need to adapt and develop their designs, products, and processes. Motor-control devices need to become progressively smaller and more efficient, to support the industrial transfer to a real Industry 4.0. NXP supports these trends by securing the interfaces, increasing the flexibility and design speed of the control stage, and reducing the size of the power stage while also increasing its power density.

Check out the latest NXP motor control solutions, tools and expert support that help customers enable cost-effective and energy-efficient motor control for most applications.

Introducing Concepts of FOC Motor Control


Accelerate Your Electric Motor Control Designs

During this 45-minute Webinar we will show you how to shorten the time required to develop automotive control applications using motor control solutions ecosystem from NXP.