Choose from our comprehensive range of high quality diodes for all applications. We are continually innovating, improving established favorites by reducing power consumption and size while boosting performance and reliability. Our devices ensure your systems meet the growing demands of a highly competitive marketplace.

PIN Diodes
  • Very low series inductance
  • Short leadtimes
  • Low forward resistance (RD) and diode capacitance (Cd)
  • Broad portfolio
  • Operate up to 3 GHz
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Varicap Diodes
  • Excellent matching
  • Excellent linearity and matching
  • Very small and leadless SMD packages
  • Very low series resistance
  • Complete portfolio covering a wide range of applications
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Bandswitching Diodes
  • Reliable volume supplier
  • Short leadtimes
  • Low series Inductance
  • Low Insertion loss
  • Low capacitance and high reverse Isolation
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