Thermal Models and test data

As electronic devices become smaller and more feature-packed, managing the heat they generate becomes increasingly important to ensure reliability - and increasingly difficult. To make this tricky task easier for you, and cut your overall product development times, NXP is now offering detailed thermal Models and test data of many of our power semiconductors.

Thermal modeling allows designers to solve complex thermal design issues quickly and easily. By using software simulations, designers avoid the need to build and test physical prototypes cutting the time spent on heat management issues from weeks to days.

NXP's thermal Models and test data work with one of the most widely used thermal modeling software packages - Flotherm by Mentor Graphics Mechanical Analysis Division (formerly Flomerics). They are available free of charge to existing users of the software and can be downloaded from appropriate Product Information Pages (see below). The Models and test data are highly detailed and incorporate features such as the device die, the die attachment and internal lead frame. This level of detail is essential if device-operating temperatures are to be modeled accurately.

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Product overview

Currently, detailed thermal Models and test data are available for the PIP212-12M powertrain module as well as our power transistors in TO220 (SOT78), DPAK (SOT428), D²PAK (SOT404), LFPAK (SOT669) and TSOP6 (SOT457). You will find a link to the thermal model in the 'Support and tools' section of the Product Information Page (PIP).

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