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To help make finding the right product or discovering the most up-to-date innovations amongst our portfolio simpler, NXP Semiconductors has a number of ongoing online promotions. Take a look yourself and see how you can benefit from the various sample, demonstration board and webinar offers available.

NFC Everywhere

The next experience in mobile

Your smart phone will unlock new interaction with the world around you. NXP, co-founder of Near-Field Communication, shows solutions which are richer and more convenient: on the go, at work, at home and for fun. Read more »

Interface Mobile

Make the switch to smarter connectivity

Improved data transfer, power delivery and connectivity make USB 3.0 and Type-C connectors highly beneficial for wearable and portable designs. NXP helps you make the switch to Type-C easily, and supports all your interface needs with a range of I²C system management and smart analog devices specifically designed for small, low-voltage systems.   Read more »


LPC54100 always-on sensor processing

The range of possible intelligent sensing and control applications is huge, from robotics, automation and remote environment monitoring, through dead reckoning and asset tracking, to wearables, gaming and health monitoring. NXP’s always-on solutions for context-aware mobile devices are driving a revolution in how we interact with the smarter world around us.   Read more »

Logic Packages

Logic packages for mobile

Integration and miniaturization have helped shrink electronic devices and revolutionize how we interact with the world around us. Offering the largest portfolio of logic solutions in the smallest packages, NXP’s delivers DQFN, Micropak and Diamond packages, coupled with LVC, AUP and AXP technologies, to give you the best solution for your design.   Read more »

RF Small Signal ”Replacement”

Expanding our RF portfolio to meet your needs

Just as some companies are stepping out of the RF powerMOS and small-signal market, NXP continues to invest and innovate. That means as well as offering you one-to-one replacements for devices no longer supported by other suppliers, NXP is pushing up the performance of a whole range of RF functions.   Read more »

LPC1500 Motion Control

Motion control simplified

While enhancing motion control in commercial and industrial applications, recent motor developments can make control more difficult. And they often take you longer to tune and calibrate, especially given the performance variation inherent in low-cost motors. NXP has a complete dedicated solution with the new LPC1500 MCUs, motor control software and an easy to use development environment to help simplify motion control performance of multiple different motors.   Read more »


XR: unsurpassed future-proof performance

NXP’s 50 V XR ‘eXtremely Rugged’ LDMOS RF power transistors handle the toughest engineering environments. They deliver higher output power, easier design-in, lower system cost and eliminate the use of hazardous substances. Providing a 21st century solution for demanding (kW) professional smart RF energy applications and terrestrial broadcasting, the XR family can also replace traditional VDMOS-based devices. Their unsurpassed performance helps you future-proof your RF designs.  Read more »

Logic Portable Industrial

In the smarter world you need more than just function

From instrumentation to personal medical devices, portable industrial applications are migrating to lower voltages to save power and improve lifetimes. NXP’s logic portfolio enables this evolution, covering everything from best in class quality and reliability to the smallest packages and lowest power for portable devices. And leading edge process development combined with six sigma design practices and extended read point AEC-Q100 qualification to ensure low intrinsic failure rate in the field, allows our Logic portfolio to deliver the robust solutions demanded by industrial applications. Read more>>


Performance and peripherals combined
Looking for a microcontroller with that little added extra, then NXP’s LPC4000 family of Cortex-M4 microcontrollers could well be your answer. We now offer over 50 variants, from the ‘basic’ LPC407x and LPC408x series through to the full featured LPC4300 devices. And with the new LPC4370, our offering takes another step up in performance and embedded peripherals. Development boards include the LPC-Link 2 and LabTool, giving you the perfect toolset for developing, testing and debugging your Cortex-M applications.
Read more »


Put the LPC800 to the test

Smaller, more streamlined and more power-efficient than ever, LPC800 helps you achieve the next level of advanced feature development easily, with all the tools and support needed to get to market quickly. Our latest Quick-Jack board adapts a phone’s or tablet’s standard audio jack into a self-powered data port, allowing you to create end-products such as environmental sensors, data monitoring and logging devices, wearable devices for medical/bio monitoring, game controllers, remote controls, programmable toys, and more. Read more »


Secure connections for a smarter world

Take a journey into the world of trusted smart identification solutions. Under the themes of 'authenticating identities', 'securing transactions' and 'convenient interactions', you'll discover some of the many ways in which ID is already bringing smarter solutions to our lives. Read more »

Automotive Logic

Continuing to lead the way in automotive logic

As the global number one supplier of automotive logic, NXP continues to offer you extensive portfolios of both traditional logic devices and new advanced products. We ensure you can rely on mature 5 V CMOS logic technologies such as HEF4000B and HC(T), along with AHC(T) and LVC for 5 V and 3 V systems respectively. And with the largest portfolio of dedicated Q100 logic devices – including our latest ‘NPIC’ family of combined logic and discrete devices – NXP remains committed to supplying you with the logic products you need. Read more »

Circuit Protection

Advanced protection for more robust systems
Safeguard your design with ESD protection, EMI filtering and TVS devices

The downside of shrinking chip geometries is that individual ICs and complete systems become more sensitive to transient voltage pulses. Robust protection is vital, but signal integrity must be maintained and PCB space is increasingly limited. NXP’s portfolio of advanced ESD protection, EMI filtering and TVS devices contains more than 150 types covering virtually all interface standards. So you safeguard your automotive, communications, computing, consumer and industrial designs. Read more »

Interface Products for Medical Devices

Improved diagnostics, treatment and preventive care from healthcare equipment go hand-in-hand with user interface innovation and better device connectivity. However, lengthy healthcare approval processes often constrain designers and limit device innovation. NXP helps system designers add features with minimal modifications, with a great selection of proven LCD and touch interfaces, UARTs and bridges, display and storage interfaces, and I²C-bus system peripherals and enablers. Read more>>

AC/DC power supply discretes

The flexibility to optimize your AC/DC power supply performance

NXP’s portfolio of enhanced efficiency bipolar diodes, power MOSFETs and Schottky rectifiers, helps you achieve the right balance for your AC/DC power supply design. Whatever topology you choose – from simple buck, boost and flyback designs through to more complex two-switch topologies including active clamping, half-bridge and full bridge – you’ll find the products you need to make a reliable solution that is optimized for size, cost and efficiency. Read more>>

Ultra small leadless MOSFETs

Miniaturization without compromising performance

In devices such as tablets, e-readers and smart phones, there is greater need for smaller, low-power actuators and low ohmic switches. Within our MOSFET portfolio, NXP has an extensive range of excellent, high-performance, low RDSon MOSFETs in very small and ultra-small packages. Delivering excellent switching and thermal performance on a small footprint for medium power requirements, our MOSFET series in DFN packages is ideal for many applications including ultra-small load switches, power conversion and charger switches. Read more »


Integrating functionality based on application need with RF LNAs
Unleash RF through integration. Sometimes engineers feel compelled to integrate to meet today’s signal integrity, power consumption and footprint demands. One example is the low noise amplifier – a vital component as ever more applications go wireless. Discover how NXP delivers affordable and reliable RF LNAs together with the integration customization you need to meet your application requirements. Read more »

Automotive Interface

Smarter connections between car and driver

The car has transformed from a simple mode of transport to a personalized mobile information hub. With it comes an increase in data that needs to be displayed in a clear, user-friendly way. Offering dedicated automotive LED controllers and LCD drivers, NXP is at the forefront of visualization in instrument clusters, car radios and climate control units, enabling clearer, more energy efficient and smaller form factor solutions. Furthermore, our capacitive sensors allows more intuitive interfacing between the car and driver – resulting in higher performing, more reliable, and more cost-effective HMIs. Read more »

NXP Connects the car

Driving secure connected mobility

This is your route to revolutionizing the driving experience through connected mobility. NXP’s solutions for automotive security, telematics, car-to-x communication, remote car management, and broadcast reception enable a growing number of new smart mobility applications. Read more »

Build up your discrete workbench

A simple solution for size, value and efficiency gains

When you reach for a discrete solution, optimize the efficiency of your design with an ideal balance of power, size and value. With NXP’s discrete products on your workbench you can conserve power, shrink design footprints, increase functionality and meet legislative requirements. Read more »

Interface computing

Connect the dots for your interface designs

To enable new and advanced computing applications, interface technology must support higher speeds, extend core functionality and bridge old standards with the new. NXP helps you address each of these challenges. Read more »


The smarter way to energy efficiency

Aimed at making power and lighting solutions smarter and more energy efficient, NXP's GreenChip technology lies at the heart of our cost-effective, high-efficiency Power and Lighting ICs. GreenChip products are suitable for any device that draws AC power and offer many benefits, from minimal standby power (as low as 10 mW) to smart SSL-dimming. Read more »


NXP I²C for smarter connections

By ‘innovating into the future’ NXP ensures you have the most advanced I²C-bus devices supporting the latest technology trends. We meet your needs for lower voltage systems, higher speed connections together with new applications. To handle greater bandwidth there are faster I²C-bus options, longer transmission distances are achieved by more powerful bus buffers, while AEC-Q100 compliant devices support automotive systems. Discover NXP I²C for smarter connections. Read more »

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