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CTO Hans Rijns presents vision on wireless connectivity at ISS Europe 2013

CTO Hans Rijns presents vision on wireless connectivity at ISS Europe 2013

On February 25th 2013 our CTO Hans Rijns gave the opening keynote presentation at ISS Europe 2013, the SEMI Industry Strategy Symposium, at Stresa, Italy. In the presentation titled “Semiconductor challenges for a Securely Connected Smart World” he addressed trends and challenges in wireless connectivity, in particular in the application domains Intelligent Transport Systems and Home & Building Automation. He zoomed in on aspects like security/privacy, and system robustness, as well as on the relevance of partnering. The presentation was among the highest ranked in the participants survey afterwards.

EVP Sales & Marketing Loh Kin Wah engages with media in San Jose

EVP Sales & Marketing Loh Kin Wah engages with media in San Jose, April 3 2012

Loh Kin Wah, EVP Sales and Marketing visited our new San Jose office not only to join the official opening of the new campus, but to engage with media and analysts as well. During this event, that was attended by Chip Design, EETimes, EDN, Gartner and IDC, Loh talked about our large experience in semiconductor industry, our High Performance Mixed Signal and Standard Products solutions and future innovations. He also highlighted our key application areas and shared our vision on how we will get closer to our customers. You can check the presentation Loh shared with journalist here.

CEO Rick Clemmer and EVP Sales & Marketing Loh Kin Wah raise profile in China

CEO Rick Clemmer and EVP Sales & Marketing Loh Kin Wah raise profile in China, March 19 2012

On March 19, CEO Rick Clemmer and Loh Kin Wah, Executive VP, Sales & Marketing, gave a press conference in Shanghai, China. At the media round table there were 8 Electronic trade publications and an IT/technology business publication: CEO/CIO, EEWorld, EEPW, CEM, China Electronic News, EDN China, SEMI China, EETimes China, MEM China. Rick and Loh gave an update on NXP’s business development and revenue growth plan in China. Furthermore China’s 12th Five-Year Plan was highlighted in relation to NXP’s vision in China. To check the presentation click here.

  Increasing energy efficiency: How semiconductors enable energy savings and create more comfort
René Penning de Vries keynote at GSA European Executive Forum 2012

CTO René Penning de Vries gave the opening keynote presentation at the prestigious European Executives Forum 2012 of the Global Semiconductor Alliance. In his presentation René showed how chips contribute to energy efficiency, along the different stages of the energy “lifecycle”: sourcing, distribution, conversion, and consumption in the load. Download his presentation here.

  Connected Mobility – driving global megacities out of the jam
Presentation at Automotive Electronics Systems Conference

“Increasing electrification means increased complexity!”. That was the focus topic of this year’s EUROFORUM automotive electronics systems conference in Germany. Lars Reger, VP, Automotive R&D & Strategy & New Business, was there to give a speech on Connected Mobility and how to drive megacities out of the jam. The keynote speech was given by Dr. Peter Schaefer, head of R&D body networks at Porsche. Other speakers were from BMW, Continental, Daimler, Ford, Hella, Bosch, Siemens, VW, and others. View the presentation here.

  Leading innovations for the connected car
Automotive at VDI conference

This VDI-Conference focused on topics like increasing performance, In-Vehicle Networking and functional security and took place from 29.02. - 01.03.2012 in Nürtingen. Lars Reger was nominated to be the conference leader and presented the benefits of connected mobility and In-Vehicle Networking. Moreover he underlined the improvement of security by using semiconductors. Download presentation here.

  Connected Mobility and Automotive Security
Kurt Sievers at the 7th Competence Congress of the Automotive Industry

On December 7-8, 2011, more than 400 high-level managers and experts from the European automotive industry gathered in Munich for the 7th Competence Congress of the Automotive Industry. With participants like Dr. Elmar Degenhart, CEO of Continental AG, this was a premium networking event. Kurt Sievers, general manager NXP Automotive, was there to give a speech on semiconductors as enablers for the connected car of the future. Next to introducing connected mobility trends and technologies, Kurt focused on ways of securing cars against hacking, fraud, and other forms of manipulation. Click here to see his presentation.

  Semiconductors as enablers of future mobility concepts
Kurt Sievers at Electromobilia Congress

The 4th electromobility competence congress organized by German ZVEI (association of electronics industry) in Cologne, Germany, attracted 800 participants. Kurt Sievers, General Manager BU Automotive, presented how semiconductors contribute to making electromobility a reality by connecting electrical vehicles to the outside world - thus improving the user experience and general acceptance. Kurt also discussed the technological challenges that electrical vehicles mean for the in-vehicle networks and explained semiconductors solutions to solve these. Download the presentation here.


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